4 great Christmas gift ideas for your kids

Each Christmas, every parent struggles with the thoughts of what to get their children. It is often a challenge to find or even afford the “highly-anticipated” gifts they’ve been asking. Along with the challenge of looking for the gift, it is also easy to lose sight of your budget and ending up with more than what you probably should have.


In this article, we’ve come up with four great Christmas gift ideas for your kids. The four gift rule has been around as far as I can remember, but it seems that most millennial parents have forgotten about it. The main idea of the four gift rule is to choose no more than four items for Christmas, which fall under these categories:

1. Item they want
2. Item they need
3. Something to wear
4. Something educational – read, paint, hobby, etc.

Narrowing your gifts into categories will help tremendously as children will enjoy the quality of the gifts rather than the quantity.

Items They Want

Depending on the age of the child, this category is often well-spoken. Perhaps your child’s been asking for a new gaming system or a play kitchen. If money is tight, why not opt to sell their pre-used console and games and use that money to go towards the new console. Consider giving away the old toys by giving them to a friend, selling them online or even donating to an orphanage. That way, you won’t need to add on to the clutter of toys while even teaching your children the value of giving.


Items They Need

Have they outgrown their jacket from last year? Or perhaps they need a musical instrument that they’ve been borrowing at school. Consider what they need and work from there.

Something to Wear

Children tend to grow an inch every time you blink. This means that they will also grow out of their clothes just as quickly. A new pair of pajamas or shoes is ideal. For the princess in your life, why not a set of dress up clothes to go along with their play dates.

Something Education

This category can be anything from new books to painting and music. Babies and Toddlers can’t get enough of new books especially when they’re full of pictures. Older children might enjoy an entire series or a new musical instrument they’ve been interested in learning. As for teenagers, a gift card will work perfectly as they can choose something they want to get themselves.


So, would the four gift rule work for your family? Tell us what you think.