Established in 1987, Janes Small Gifts is recognized for their quality, value, and service as one of the top leading gift hamper manufacturers in Sydney, Australia.

We take pride in our state-of-the-art facility where we have produced over thousands of gift hampers. Our mission is to create and deliver a memorable gift for your loved ones as we value the loyalty of our valued customers.
Janes Small Gifts strives to provide quality gift hampers with various options from Christmas-themed hampers to elegant winery baskets. We offer the best customer service with our selection of gift hampers for every celebration and season.

We believe that gift hampers make the best forms of gifts for everyone of all ages. Our work in creating gift hampers is meant to provide the best of quality to our customers. Gourmet gift hampers are the ideal gifts as they provide the quality of use, reuse, and thoughtfulness.

Janes Small gifts firmly believe in the joy of gift giving as even the tiniest details can make the biggest impact. Our gift hampers are always made unique as we strive to provide a personal touch to each of our gift hampers. We are confident that the recipient will surely be impressed.